Content Automation Steps


The problem with the traditional content process is that it’s simply not optimized for today’s omni-channel world. For example:-

  • The tricks of copy(ctrl+c) and paste(ctrl+v) makes the content more inconsistent thus chances of errors increases.
  • One media type.
  • Again and again updation needs multiple rounds of review and approval.
  • Same content being recreated and translated for multiple documents and mediums.
  • Content is document-centric.

To different audience, the reuse of content is manual and hence a lengthy process.The deal of making information or content available to the customers with different taste of reading concepts, by diverse array of media channels, is “CONTENT AUTOMATION”.

CREATE:- (no more copy & paste):- Manually and automatically the content can be set by user with the help of charts, tables, data, videos, images etc. We can also say a content is created by the means of “SMART CONTENT”.


MANAGE:- (take an instant preview):- You can instantly preview how your content will look in its final published form – as a PDF, HTML, or even in a mobile app. Content automation automatically tracks the changes and dynamically updates all related documents.


PUBLISH:- (forget weeks and publish in seconds):- Publishing will allows organisations to dramatically cut down the number of documents they need to manage. Content automation enables you to go beyond print and static PDF’s to assemble contents in responsive formats for the latest digital devices, all while ensuring the most up-to-date, approved content is being used.


DELIVER:- (right content, right people, right place, right time):- Content automation solution seamlessly deliver your published content to a range Of delivery system. Examples of delivery includes: publishing a PDF to your enterprise content management system, XML to WEB CMS, HTML5 to apps accessed by customers.

solutions_content_img04Turn your website into a magnet. Create content, optimize it for search engines and share it on social media. The major objective is to satisfy our people(customers) therefore focus on where they add the most value to the content process. You don’t want them spending time on the work that doesn’t add to the value. So make your content more valuable, click here to go for “CONTENT AUTOMATION”.



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