Reasons Why Content Automation is Popular Among Users

Content automation is the process of creating content of the website in a automatic matter by using tools or scripts. There are so many obvious reasons that makes content automation popular among users. Either this list52px includes planning for the future proactively or making everyone capable of being full-time social media manager, content automation always grabs the users attention with its advantageous features.

List Of Tools To Automate Your Content

We are in an era of automation everywhere! To capture this automated zone effectively, numerous tools helps the users to change their thinking from traditional concepts to automated content. Here’s an overview of the most trending automation tools:

MagTitan :- MagTitan reformats your docs so people don’t have to zoom, pinch and squint to read them digitally. Over 50% of all digital consumption today is on smartphones. And surprisingly! one can get the best mobile reading experience on the planet because MagTitan does’nt come with a zoom button. it is so smart that it know the device the reader is on and then dynamically adjust each page’s display accordingly. Anything that user demands for, MagTitan will make it more readable on every digital device.

Mag Titan

Adobe design

Adobe InDesign :- Adobe InDesign is a powerful program used for page layout and design. You can see layouts created in newspapers, books, magazines, flyers and even greeting cards. At this point, you’re probably thinking: “can i just create all these things in photoshop or illustrator?” well! The answer is: YES. But the toolset include with InDesign is significantly more powerful and robust in terms of layout and publication design. Using photoshop or illustrator for layout creation is like trying to cook a chicken in a microwave, it can be done but it’s a lot harder and more time consuming. Its best to use the appropriate tool to get the job done.


Twixl :- Twixl is an app that allows you to preview content that you created in Adobe InDesign/ HTML and enrich your content determine how that content is to be presented to your readers, then build the apps and distribute either in the app store or In-House. On a Twixl platform, you can create your own grid style, cell style, add custom fonts and manage a fully customised interface with animations and live content. The result will appears immediately on your device and even on the devices of your colleagues and clients. And the breaking news is: any regular computer user can manage a twixl kiosk- it’s that easy!

QuarkQuarkXpress :- QuarkXpress is a computer application for creating and editing complex page layouts in a WYSIWUG (What You See Is What You Get) environment. In the 80’s and 90’s, QuarkXpress

was synonymous with professional publishing. In fact, it was publishing. At that time, when asked “what program do you learn for jobs in page layouts and design?” there was only one answer: QuarkXpress. In ’99 InDesign arrived with more features than Xpress but of course,

QuarkXpress has number of features- big and small-that InDesign does not have. Thus there is the point where QuarkXpress comes out the winner. QuarkXpress provide a Freestanding publishing applications that can hook in to an enterprise- scale platform to large workgroups. Although it supports Adobe’s native graphic file formats, including Photoshop PSD and illustrator InDesign and also generates hexachrome colors.

Apart from all the tools mentioned above, still there are plenty of tools out there to make creating content much easier. As marketers discovered the power of social media to reach the world in real time the need for more sophisticated tools became apparent. Some of those tools are hootsuite, zapier, buffer, hubspot, yesware, CoSchedule, Infusionsoft and the list keep on going…

The tools and resources listed above can help you create, but it’s ultimately up to you to control the quality of your content. You still need to know your customer incredibly well, understand what challenges they face that your product or service solves, and create content that helps them address those challenges. The brains and heart behind the content creator trump the code behind any tools and technology — and that’s a good thing for succeeding in marketing today.

Now Create Your Own Automated Story!!

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