Traditional and Modern Day Spell Checking in QuarkXPress

QuarkXPress has been the standard for layout publishing for more than 3 decades now. Many software applications have tried to reach or surpass this standard but could barely catch up the quality and preciseness that this layouting software provides. Although precision while laying out items and text is not of that much importance as it was in a non digital age but still it is the first thing required by the perfectionists. QuarkXPress has evolved as a product getting its users to a level where layouting is a charm. Publishing to other channels than print is a one click job. The publishing solutions around this layouting software like the App Studio provide diversification for the publishers to cater to their digital publishing needs.

Most features that matured in QuarkXPress were to provide best of publishing to its users. QuarkXPress also is equipped to support the enterprise publishing needs of those enterprises that have a very dynamic publishing content across multiple channels. Today QuarkXPress versions like the 2015 and 2017 are once again one of the finest quality software we can see around, courtesy – its state of the art core engine and architecture.

While Quark was evolving the quality and feature set there was some functionality that could never evolve or modernize. One such feature is the spell checking of the content. Spell checking has been an integral part of applications like the MS Word and has evolved ever since Microsoft came up with the first version of the product. Even the modern day web browsers provide a very intuitive way of noticing the spelling mistakes in the content and correcting them. MS Word has gone further ahead and introduced grammar checks to facilitate the users a correctly put content. Although the spell checking is part of content creation but proofing the content for any errors right before publishing is an imperative.

QuarkXPress could not evolve its spell checking process apart from fixing defects around the already available feature. Spelling checks and corrections in QuarkXPress should have been intuitive like the Microsoft Word or the modern day web browsers. A user should be able to just scroll through the content and know where the spellings are wrong and correct them there and then. Underlining misspelled words provides an automated way to check for spellings.

AutoCorrectXT is one such XTension that modernizes the spell checking in QuarkXPress. AutoCorrectXT is a plugin available for QuarkXPress that allows the users to check spellings on their content while importing or writing content in QuarkXPress. The moment you import content in QuarkXPress it gets marked for any spelling mistakes. The misspelled words are underlined in red and the user is able to see and correct the spelling mistakes. Not only this, if a user wants to correct the spelling mistake in QuarkXPress content for that there is a very handy hover menu available right on the misspelled word. Just hover over the misspelled word and the menu is available. Select the word that was intended and the misspelled word is corrected on the fly. No need for palettes or any extra clicks. Checking for spelling mistakes in the content had never been so intuitive in QuarkXPress.

Apart from checking and correcting spellings, AutoCorrectXT provides the ability to create custom spelling dictionaries for language specific spellings. Any word that would otherwise be marked as misspelled can be added to a custom dictionary so that it is recognized as a valid word in future. There is also an ability to ignore the spelling mistake same as that in MS Word. The custom spelling dictionaries can be then exported to other QuarkXPress application to be used with.

Spell checking is not a nightmare anymore in QuarkXPress. It can be as intuitive as checking and marking misspelled words in all other applications. Happy Spell Checking!

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