Flag misspelled words, as you type. You might choose to check spelling all at once when you finish a document or use the spell check (the wavy red lines) while you work.


Correct typos and misspelled words, insert symbols and other pieces of text, as you type. Customizable list of typical misspellings and symbols, that you can modify.


Apply and remove bullets and numbering, as you type, auto-selecting the correct style to apply. Just start a paragraph with an asterisk or a number 1. or a letter a).

Multilingual Spelling Dictionaries

Automatic language selection

Setting the language of text as you type lets you check the spelling of text in the language that you are using.

Support for language peculiarities

Improved suggestions based on language specific peculiarities. Extensive support for language variants like German Neu, Swiss German, Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk, European and Brazilian Portuguese.


Accessible Tools

Easily accessible floating menu, visible simply by a mouse over the modified word.

Import Dictionary

Import MS Word dictionaries. Import medical, legal or any domain specific dictionaries.

Edit Custom Dictionaries

Intuitive user interface to add custom words to language specific dictionaries.

Share and Merge

Share and merge custom dictionaries or create enterprise wide custom dictionaries.


Undo any changes done by the XTension.


Redo any changes done by the XTension.